Start a Resolution

Start a Resolution

Idea for a resolution, if you do those:

If you’ve been a person who often has a platform and is comfortable telling your story, consciously make space for people who don’t have a platform and are nervous/anxious/afraid to tell their story.

There’s a lot of power in stories. Grant some of that power to those who haven’t had it.

I posted that to Facebook and someone asked questions about how to follow through on such a resolution. These are my responses:

 How? By being open and excepting (sic) with encouragement?

Plus literally inviting others to speak first. Making space through which other perspectives are heard. And yes by listening to and valuing those perspectives.

For folks in the artistic professions it could mean holding a reading or hosting a gallery show for folks who don’t typically get that space. Or collaborating with other artists and making sure they get credit for their work. Or even making a space like that and stepping back to let them lead.

That’s a start. Is this a challenge you want to take on? Or perhaps you already have. How would you answer the question of how to grant storytelling power to those who don’t have it?

StoryOly is one such venue. Members of the public are invited to put their names in the hat for a chance to tell a story on a theme. This open format allows a lot of people the opportunity to tell stories and practice the craft – or just have fun.

Elizabeth Lord at StoryOly Grand Slam 2018
Elizabeth Lord hosts StoryOly 2018 Grand Slam

Another excellent example of inviting folks into power is Heartspark Press – their anthologies and readings. Amy Heart and crew work hard to empower other trans women and nonbinary AMAB people, and often include transmasculine folks in their events.

I have some ideas on how to grant that power to others, ideas on my back burners. What ideas do you have?

Happy Cusp of a New Year…

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