What I’ve been doing lately – February 2019

What I’ve been doing lately – February 2019

Update on THE Anthology
Definitely the most exciting thing that happened during the last week of February was Micah posting a picture holding the anthology I’ve been waiting for for 5 years:  Nonbinary: Memoirs of Gender and Identity. I have been watching my mailbox like a hawk for my copy to arrive…. this is way better than Christmas!


QueerPop Interview

I was interviewed by Nathan of QueerPop a couple of weeks ago. We teamed up to talk about some negative shit that trans masc and nonbinary AFAB folks were throwing at Heartspark Press, a publishing non-profit run by and mainly for, CAMAB trans and nonbinary folks.  The detractors were making picky, specious arguments about Heartspark saying that their upcoming anthology was for ‘all trans kids’ wasn’t for all trans kids because it didn’t include CAFAB trans and nonbinary characters or creators. Listen in on the conversation Nathan and I had and see what we thought about that. (CAMAB is Coercively Assigned Male at Birth/ CAFAB is Coercively Assigned Female at Birth; idea being we get assigned a gender at birth without our consent.)

Pizza Klatch

I was recently voted in as the Pizza Klatch Board President.  I’ve been with the organization in various roles since 2010.  One of the cool things that happened last week was that Pizza Klatch was featured in a piece on Q13 News, called Changemakers. Our amazing Changemaking staff and volunteers are definitely making a difference for LGBTQ+ youth in our area. Check it out and if you’re interested in learning more, please see our website and consider donating or volunteering with us (or both!).

Podcasts… what am I listening to now?

I’m still listening to Our Opinions are Correct with Annalee and Charlie.  I love the subject matter and I love listening to the two of them geek out.  Another rising favorite is Library Talks, by the New York Public Library.  They feature lectures, panel discussions, author talks.  Some of the recent shows were How to Make Black Lives Matter in Schools, Envisioning a People’s Future of the United States and A Reporting Life in Latin America.  They also aired a reading of A Christmas Carol by Neil Gaiman, which is sooo good (and yes, I’m a huge fan boy for Neil G).

Other podcast regulars of late have been Hidden Brain and The Moth.

Reading Material

I’m reading Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coehlo, The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood and An African American and Latinx History of the United States by Paul Ortiz (TESC, ’90). Assassin is my ‘at work’ book, reading material for breaks and lunches, at least those where I’m not outside walking and listening to podcasts. I picked up Veronika as a shorter book to read at home and because the friend who gave it to me reminded me of it inadvertently on Facebook (Hi, Jenna!).  And History is a book Mol and I chose to read and discuss.  Assassin is one I had intended to read at some point, and anything Atwood is in my front brain right now because of the MasterClass course I’m taking.  One night at while atttending Oly Queermunch at Burial Grounds, there it was on the shelf across from me.  I asked to borrow it and have been reading it ever since. I am enjoying the story and also the craft of it, having the benefit of learning more about Atwood’s approach to writing in general and to PoV in the specific case of this book. 

I’m enjoying Veronika for Coehlo’s voice as a writer.  There’s something of a dreamy, poetic quality to his writing that I love.  And the subject matter is very thought provoking: what is sanity? What then is insanity? How arbitrary are the distinctions, how reliable are the gatekeepers? If insanity is waking up to the reality of who you are as a person, isn’t that something we should aspire to?

And then there’s History which is blowing away what remained of the foundational myths and ‘truths’ I was raised on regarding our country. I’ll leave it to that for now; I’ve only finished the first chapter.


I listen to music while I’m working, sometimes while walking about, often in my room when I’m transitioning between work and home.  In addition to my music collection, I’ve been exploring Spotify.  Some notable areas in the last couple of months have been – nature sounds, especially rain and surf; folk music featuring women (Women of Folk and Americana); Michael Franti and Spearhead (love these performers); and various contemporary releases (Contemporary Blend is a good one).


 I go on a lot of walks throughout the week.  At least twice a day, sometimes three times for something like an hour or two on days when my schedule and the weather allows.  I’m gearing up to start walking to work a day or two – somewhat hampered by the onset of soccer season and my need to be home by 5 twice a week to get myself (assistant coach) and daughter to the field.  

I walk for exercise, certainly, and my body feels more and more capable of longer and more challenging walks all the time.  I’m hoping to be in shape to get into the woods for hiking soon.  I also walk to get mental breaks. The best thing to do when I get bound up on a project I’m working on is to get up and go outside.  I plug into a podcast or some music and let my brain do its thing in the background.  The only downside to all that walking is needing to buy shoes more often than I would otherwise. 

Another upside to all the walking I’m doing is that I’m getting to know downtown Olympia better and better.  I try to switch up my routes so I don’t get bored and because I’m curious.. what’s down this alley?  What if I walked my usual route the opposite direction?  Turns out I see a lot more and make (to me) interesting discoveries and observations.


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