My 2019 Books

My 2019 Books

I took the Goodreads reading challenge last year and put my goal at 50 books. I got to 41. A mix of fiction and non-fiction. Fiction was mostly speculative, fantasy and scifi genres. Much of my non-fiction reading was motivated by a desire to learn about whiteness and systemic racism and included works of history, autobiography, politics/economics, and psychology. I read twelve works by/including people of color, five by trans/nonbinary authors, 16 by women. I read most on paper and listened to several. Some I purchased or was gifted, most I got from my local public library system.

I’ve set a goal of 50 again this year… currently reading A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn.

What were your favorite reads from last year? What are you hoping to read this coming year?

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