New Story Submission

New Story Submission

I just pushed the button on a smut story submission for Nerve Endings: Short Fiction Addressing Trans and Non-Binary Experiences of Sex, Sexuality, and Relationships. It’s the first story I’ve submitted for an anthology since the cluster of submissions I made in 2015 (all of which were published). On the one hand, I really like this story, and want to see it land in this anthology. It’s sexy and vulnerable and contains what I think of as ‘real-life erotica’ – the awkward, spontaneous messy moments of life that I have not spent much time writing about in the past.

On the other hand, even if it doesn’t get accepted, I feel good about all 4,696 words – not just because I think it’s a great story. This was one of the goals I wrote down during my writing retreat last month. And I nailed it.

So, hurrah! I did a thing!

And here’s a tiny teaser.

… when you told me that you were going to miss my chest, this chest, when I have surgery, it scared me. I thought that maybe you would stop being attracted to me and that this was the beginning of the end,” Perry paused and looked at Ty.

Ty reached for Perry’s hand, “My love, I understand why it scares you. I struggled with the choice of whether to tell you or not, for that reason. I also had to really sit with the feelings I was having to see if I was going to be less attracted to you, or if I just didn’t want anything to change. I have a hard time with change, you know that.”

from A Touchy Subject, CK Combs

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