Week 8 of Draft 2 Work

Week 8 of Draft 2 Work

I realize it would be good to come up with a real title for my work-in-progress. For now, I’m calling it Life is Like an Amusement Park, though I don’t think that truly fits what’s happening in the story. So The Haunted Amusement Park? The Mystery of the Haunted Amusement Park? Sounds very Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys, doesn’t it? Or maybe something from Scooby Doo… will the culprit turn out to be a white man in a disguise????? “I would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for these darned kids!”

On Monday, my flex day from work and designated Do The Writing Thing Day, I worked four more chapters into Draft 2 form and started working on chapter 13. It was a really productive day. I also played around with charting my progress by creating a visual of when certain characters and plot points happened in chapters 1 to 12. This is the visual I created. The colors are mapped to characters or groups of characters.

story plot image

I plan to share an excerpt sooooooon. Just not sure which chapter to share from. I have so many choices now!

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